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LCD And LED TV Repair


Broken Glass Repair

Unlike many other repair issues may involve software malfunction, cracked glass on a LCD and LED TV device is easy to diagnose. It’s also easy to inflict. Cracked LCD and LED TV screens caused by drops and falls are common. Unfortunately, the only way to fix a cracked screen is to replace it very quickly.

Repairing Broken Glass

The best way to repair your cracked screen without risking further damage to the LCD and LED TV is to bring it to a professional repair service. The trained technicians at Cell Tech Repair can fix your screen quickly and safely. If you walk in to a local store, common repairs can be fixed on site while you wait. If you don’t have the time to wait far out of your way, just mail it in.


Often a cracked screen doesn’t affect the LCD and LED TV device’s ability to function right away, and owners simply learn to look past the distraction of the cracks. However, this can be dangerous, as the glass can nick or cut your skin. It can also cause more serious problems over time, such as dead spots, backlight malfunction, dark spots, and discoloration. Continued LCD and LED TV use with a cracked screen can eventually lead to complete loss of functionality.

Cell Tech Repair

Cell Tech Repair brings many years of digital repairs experience right to your device. Our technicians are equipped to help you that work best. Our commitment is to bring professionalism, good service and trust to the phone repair service and maintenance business.

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